Grishka "I" Album Review!


From the first squeal of the guitars on GRISHKA's EP entitled "I", you know it's gonna be fucking savage. It pierces the air like a bullet burrowing into flesh at 2,600 feet per second (trust me, I looked it up). Danny Gorsky (vocals), Will Healy (guitar), Larry Gourdine (bass) and Stephan Mezo (drums) make up the black/death/metalcore beast that could easy fight FULL OF HELL in a duel and probably end in a draw. "I" is an absurdly furious, pulsating machine that grinds its gears without letting up. It's a sodomization of the soul. It's the thrusting cock that bursts at just the right moment. But...I'm getting ahead of myself.

As mentioned above, the opening track 'Father' is an ear-shattering noise devourer, which leads into a most glorious "Uhh!" that sets the stage for the goddamn sweltering riffs in 'Castigation'. Danny's gurgling grunts rise from the pit of his truncated diaphram like a diaphanous web of decomposing filth. 'Entropy' sounds like a surf-metal track from hell. 'Changeling' swaggers like a pompous, arrogant monstrosity ready to crush the skulls of any sad piece of shit around it. GRISHKA accomplishes more head-pounding in one track than most bands in an entire album. I can only imagine what their live shows are like. The guitars in 'Pigman' are a little more black metal than previous songs, along with similar-style vocals. The drums ricochet one minute and pound the next. Ending track 'Redbeard' is a fuzz-guitared, mid-tempo delivery that wraps "I" up in a small little package that reverberates into something much bigger than all of us.

For a band that only formed a year or less ago, their sound and song structure is quite impressive. The EP's an angst-ridden, blood-fueled, fist-bashing, son of a bitch that chases after you with a fucking battle-axe. The world needs this. And goddamn, once there are live shows again, I wait with baited breath to see these fucking guys blow us all away with their aural intensity.


- David Simonton

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