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Founder/Photographer/Filmmaker   -   EMILY HARRIS

Photo ©Matt King

Technically I have been shooting bands since I was 18, but not really professionaly until I did a thesis on metal for grad school starting in 2012. During grad school, I discovered how much passion I have for capturing not only bands but the metal community as a whole and have spent all of my time and money traveling the globe documenting metal through photography and by making films.  After shooting for several online metal blogs I decided it was time for me to start one of my own.  My goal for this site is for it to be informative but fun, and to celebrate all things dark:  music, photography, art, literature,etc.  With my global connections to fans everywhere, I hope to bring some different perspectives and insights into what is happening in the global dark arts community through this site. Afterall, music and art are what connect us.  You can see more of my work here:

Photo ©Eli Levin

Album Reviews   -   David Simonton 

Album Reviews/Film Reviews   -   Julien Desrosiers

Album Reviews/Live Show Reviews   -  Wil Cifer

Live Show Photos   -  Zachary Greco 

Interested in contributing?  Email us your background experience, ideas, and country of origin!

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