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Goawthore "Hung From The Arches Of Heaven" Album Review!

Whenever a new album by pretty much any band is about to be released, you normally hear the band hailing it as their best yet. I mean, it's inevitable. Why, when asked how it is, would they answer, "Meh..., it's aight."? But between GOATWHORE and others, new album "Hung From The Arches Of Heaven" has indeed been declared their best yet. Mighty big words from Ben, Sammy, Trans Am and Zack. So here we go...

Intro 'Invocation 3' introduces first song 'Born Of Satan's Flesh', which immediately erupts full force into one fucking glorious track that has more fucking power and energy than a demonic horde of beasts from the bowels of Hell itself. Good god, what a beginning! 'The Bestowal Of Abomination' has all the same fury, but with an almost more death metal vocal delivery in places. The production of the guitars and drums is crisp and crystal clear. Every instrument has its own space in the mix quite nicely.

The title track, with Bens' raspy gurgles and Sammys' signature guitar sound swelter and melt in blistering anarchy. The machine-gun fire of 'Death From Above' and the chugging, chuttering blaze of amorphous sound and velocity strike a chord that rips and shreds the very flesh from your embarrassing waste of bones and organs. "I am the conqueror, king of war!" Fuck yeah! Ben triumphantly yells this in 'Victory Is The Lightning of Destruction'. And you better take heart to what the man is saying. 'Voracious Blood Fixation', 'The Devil's Warlords' and 'Weight Of A Soulless Heart' are all pure GOATWHORE, the latter slowing it down just slightly. And then there's 'Nihil', a goddamn track of bloody force that demolishes in every single fucking second of the song. Final track 'And I Was Delivered From The Wound Of Perdition' is an epic monster of a track which ties everything together to wrap up the album beautifully.

So...Is what they say true? Is "Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven" all it's cracked up to be? Is it a masterpiece? Is it their best? Or were those all just obligatory words to attempt to push the new album? With an abundance of fantastic albums in their repertoire, it's sincerely hard to announce this as their best. But as far as a masterpiece? Hell fucking yes! This album will kick you in the face with the power of a mighty God of war. It'll grab you by the hair and rip your spine out from your neck. And yes, it'll make fans very, very happy. Instant winner.

-David Simonton

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