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Crypta "Echoes of the Soul" Album Review!

Leaving a well-known, well-respected all-female thrash band like NERVOSA is a risky choice. Forming a new all-female death metal band with the same intensity is difficult to achieve. Yet vocalist Fernanda Lira has achieved just that with CRYPTA. Rounding out the band are guitarists Taina Bergamashi and Sonia Anubis along with drummer Luana Dametto. First full-length "Echoes Of The Soul" is an impressive set of tracks that smother us with all the female power of a spiked steamroller.

After the intro 'Awakening', CRYPTA emerge with a throaty growl and waspy guitars that set the stage for the whole album. If there's ever any doubt that women metallers can kick our males asses and pulverize our genitals into mush, well, here's proof. 'Possessed' is a beast of a track with its' powerful riffs and rapid drumming. Fernanda's high-pitched screeches break free of the raspy gurgles from time to time with an extraordinary intimidation that rivals any metal master in the genre.

You know how sometimes a person sways and lumbers right before knocking someone's teeth out? 'Death Arcana' does the same damn thing. But guess what, 'Shadow Within' sucker punches you when you aren't looking. The guitars are like angry fire ants, swarming for the kill. This is thrash/death at it's finest. 'Under The Black Wings' slows it down slightly. But don't let that fool you. It's still just as destructive as everything before and after it. 'Kali' has an almost old-school feel to it as 'Bloodstained Heritage' bobs and weaves like a gyrating kickboxer. 'Dark Night Of The Soul' changes things up a bit with chugging, erupting guitars before plunging into a fucking good solo. And last but not least is 'From The Ashes', which is symbolic as the band members have risen from the ashes from previous bands to deliver a rollicking fine album.

CRYPTA is female fury at its utmost. And with a new NERVOSA preceding them by only a few months, it'll be interesting to see if one of them reigns supreme over the other, or if they simply lock arms and pummel forward like a sonic train together.

- David Simonton

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