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ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE "Schism Perpetration" Album Review

For anyone familiar with ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE's 2017 EP "Morbid Triumph", then you know that this two-man band kicks ass like no other.  It's one of those releases that as you listen to it track by track, you can't help but laugh. Not because there's anything funny about it, but because EVERY FUCKING SONG IS FUCKING BRUTALLY, AGGRESSIVELY FUCKING FANTASTIC. The rapid-fire guitars, the outstanding, pounding drumming and the plethora of breakdowns, along with the agony-infested, guttural vocals make this an unbeatable black/death/dungeon metal masterpiece. 

And then there's their live shows. Holy fucking God! If ever a band matched the intensity of their live shows with their studio tracks, ASM is the poster child for sonic devastation. I'll be perfectly honest, since you know, you and I are like that...the live breakdown during 'Suffer No More' was so powerful it literally brought a tear to my eye. 

So when I found out their full album "Schism Perpetration" was being released, I almost pissed my faded black pants. After listening to it, a fucking glowing ray of light shown up from the pits of Hell to engulf me in it's madness. I could rate this track by track, but that would be pointless. I could also list the standout tracks...but it's every damn song on the album. Fans of their recent "Promo MMXVIII" from 2018 are already familiar with hell-raising tracks 'Schism Perpetration', Cleaved From Flesh', 'Incinerated Enemy' and 'Numbing Decay'. Five more tracks complete the album. And man what a chaotic, bone-breaking, mind-blasting, ball-bursting, teeth-shattering album it is. Scott Bartley's drumming is pure energy as Ryan Zell's guitars are finger-blistering monstrous.

There are no long-drawn tracks, no slowed down tracks, no experimental tracks, no tech-death self-indulgence. "Schism Perpetration" simply demolishes us song by song as it dry-humps our faces until we bleed piss. Whether you're reading this while eating, fucking, shitting, tossing off or just killing time...find this album and listen to it right bloody now. It'll be the best thing you do all year.

Review by: David Simonton

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