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Abysmal Dawn "Phylogenesis" Album Review

Los Angeles' ABYSMAL DAWN really need no introduction. If you haven't sampled their eruption of volcanic sonic metalness with their prior four albums, then you've been sleeping under the altar of a miscellaneous dead God. But we all know you ARE familiar with them and cream your pants at the thought of a new album release by them. With ABYSMAL DAWN, you know to expect rapid-fire drums and arithmatic, scaly guitars. And their fifth album "Phylogenesis" certainly delivers.



'Mundane Existence' gets the massacre started in full-force. The guitars are vertigo-inducing, the drums are lightning fast, the raspy vocals emit angst that cannot be rivalled. As you well know, the band doesn't fuck around. And 'The Path Of The Totalitarian' isn't any different. Just as you're sucker-punched by the previous track, this one kicks you in the balls while you're staggering around like a drunken hobo. The breakdowns are crunching. The main riffs mulch your eardrums into bloody flakes. And the overall aural assault will break you in half.

'Hedonistic' builds and builds before thudding against the concrete, causing even the most timid of moshers to jump in the pit. You'll break your neck head-banging to 'A Speck In The fabric Of Eternity', and stomp your steel-toed Docs to the pounding beat of 'Coerced Evolution'. 'True To The Blind and 'Soul-Sick Nation' continue the metal destruction. Then the boys get all Pinhead on us with final track 'The Lament Configuration'. And honestly, we'd all open that fucking puzzle box out of curiosity if we had the chance. 

Charles Elliott, Eliseo Garcia, James Coppolino and Vito Petroni have created, yet again, a monstrous album of kick-ass death metal that leads the pack. Five albums in and they show no sign of slowing down. if you like your metal energetic, gyrating, orgasmic in its intensity and just sheer fucking brutal, throw "Phylogenesis" on your turntable and crank it up to eleven. And maybe leave some tissue nearby to wipe the blood trickling from your eardrums.


-David Simonton

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