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Conveyor "An Incarnated Abstraction" Album Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Poland's CONVEYOR, consisting of Bartek Domanski (vocals, guitars, bass) and Damian Jaworski (drums), produce the sound of a full band, which is sometimes not prevalent with other duos. The technical death metal in their delivery is a rapid, chaotic mass of head-spinning vertigo. With no demos or EP's to precede it, "An Incarnated Abstraction" is an impressive first full-length.

First track 'Conveyor Between Worlds' consists of ladder-like technical guitars spiraling out of control. Bartek's vocals seem to channel George Fisher's monstrous rasps in CANNIBAL CORPSE. 'A View From Beyond', with its all-over-the-place drums and guitars battling it out in pulsing bursts of madness, is ever-changing, as the vocals sound like they're emitting from the sewers below. The shimmering guitars and rolling drums in 'Falling In Madness' breathe in and out until they break out in lightning-quick speeds. The ability of the band to keep up with each other in the constant changes in the track are astounding. And then there's somewhat of a solo which reminds me of circus clowns escaping from the madhouse. 'Disincarnated Dreams' is an enveloping guitar wall of sound as the vocals scream and wail. The sword-thrusts of guitars and spurts of vocals in 'Formless Testimony', the charging rhythms in 'God is Not Real', the swirling guitars which start and stop in chaotic abundance (along with a more prominent bassline) in 'Grinding Flesh' and mid-tempo final track 'Through awakening Sphere' all round out the album nicely.

The future of CONVEYOR looks promising with their wide array of skilled musicianship and tech-metal prowess. There are no weak points to the band. After listening to "An Incarnated Abstraction", I felt like I'd been violated by a pack of blood-thirsty succubi.

- David Simonton

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