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Voidhanger "Dark Days of the Soul" Album Review!

Let's be honest. Feeling the need to review a VOIDHANGER album is like feeling the need to question if sex with a supermodel is worth your time. Both are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine in sheer bliss. Let's just observe the facts, shall we? Warcrimer (vocals) and Zyklon (guitars) make up two-fifths of the mighty INFERNAL WAR. MASSEMORD'S Priest (drums) pounds the skins like his fucking life depends on it. Both VOIDHANGER and INFERNAL WAR have never released an album even remotely under par. Me having to enlighten you with extra praises of the band is almost useless. I go anyway.

Third full-length "Dark Days Of The Soul" is exactly what we aggressive, temple-sweating, ejaculatory delivery, with no fillers, no acoustic shit, no experimentation whatsoever. It's just a monolithic, amorphous, blitzkrieg of an album that fits nicely beside prior albums "Wrathprayers" and "Working Class Misanthropy".

And goddamn if first track 'Dark Days Of The Soul' doesn't shove its rocket-sized manhood into the first orifice it finds on you. This is the epitome of Polish black metal fury, with its crunching guitars, crushing drums and esophagus-swelling vocals. And then there's 'Death Wish', a crazed, whirlwind of pure metal angst. If there's one thing you can count on with these guys, it's their ability to simply batter you with enough consistent aural sound to leave you whimpering, knees down in front of their majesty. Even the mid-tempo third track 'Naprzod Donikad!' fails to disappoint. A little over a minute into it and the pace picks up, bringing it full-force back into the front lines. 'High On Hate' is just that, another fuel-charged, lightning-guitared, roaring-vocaled mass of energy. 'Man Of Dark Secrets' keeps up the same exact fucking pace. This is one of those albums where I actually laugh out loud during each song, bewildered about how good "Dark Days Of The Soul" actually is. Very few albums have that effect on me. And 'The Void Is Where The Heart Is' keeps me in awe. It's bands like this that make me want to mock anyone who doesn't listen to metal. VOIDHANGER, simply put, is pure adrenalin and a release of every pent up angry thought we've had for months. Remaining tracks 'War Is Certain, Peace Is Not' and 'Hailing The Devil In Me' can be described in the same way as the previous tracks. So why should I bother to keep repeating myself?

If you've never heard of VOIDHANGER, then by God, acquaint yourself with them. Otherwise, for those of you who ARE familiar, you already knew how this review would turn out before you read it. Now fuck off, I need to spin this album at least one more time today.

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