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Vaelmyst "Earthly Wounds" Album Review

Hailing from Los Angeles, VAELMYST have released an EP titled "Earthly Wounds", their first proper release outside of a single in 2017. It's rare when a fairly new band can get it right early on. But VAELMYST hit the bloody nail on the head with a melodic death metal delivery that'll fucking stunt your growth.

Ok, so the pianos and keyboards in 'Prologue' isn't typical gut-wrenching metal obviously. But 'A Smothering Of Moths' smashes through with a steady smattering of guitars and drums as Jonathan V's gurgling vocals chill our splintered bones.

The mature sound of this band is exhilarating and impressive as they master their way through the song with brilliance and confidence. 'Watchers' pounds its steel-spiked boot into the grime as the guitars swirl and twirl like a tornado rising and smashing its way into a destructive path. The guitar-work is all over the place, ever changing in a whirlpool of sound, with enough newness to set it apart from other songs in the genre while still maintaining its death metal annihilation. 'In Darkness, In Tongues', with its intro of creaking wood and smothering wind, launches into a less frantic but definitely solid track of chainsaw guitars and sweltering vocals. The EP ends with 'Dear Esther' (which was their previously released single), And goddamn does it pack a punch.

If VAELMYST can release their first full-length with this much animosity and sincerity, then I will wave their flag proudly. The band's at the start of what looks like a promising career in death metal domination.

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