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Satanic "Architecture Of Chaos" Album Review


"Architecture Of Chaos"



Canadian death metallers SATANIC, hailing from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec are described in their bio as "spawned by the alliance of three evil souls obsessed with old school death metal". And that sums it all up, really. Oh, except for the fact they originally named themselves SATANIC GLUE SNIFFERS. Thankfully, they decided to shorten it down to one word. But aside from that, SATANIC deliver a simple, yet nasty, filthy form of thrashy death metal that's at its finest when they keep it down to earth, as they often do on first full-length "Architecture Of Chaos". Guillaume Petit (guitars, vocals), Izaac Beaudoin (bass, vocals) and Martin Carle (drums) seem to have no interest in constant noodling in the studio as other bands who tend to splinter their albums with unnecessary nonsense. SATANIC are straight and to the point, providing a swift kick in the ass to the genre.

First track 'Mephistophelian' begins with riveting guitars before pounding, steady drums join in to introduce grimy vocals that make you want to shower afterwards. 'World Of Chaos' has a vocal/guitar serenade before the music thunders forward in high-octane abundance. You won't be able to sit still within 20 seconds. A deep, deep bassline introduces 'Processing The Undead', leading into a familiar swarm of crackling guitars and esophagus-ripping growls. 'Architecture Of Apocalypse' slows it down a notch only briefly before a galloping round of battle-craving sound blasts and blisters its way through the speakers. From the apocalypse to 'Armageddon', SATANIC'S interest in the end of the world starts to take over.

There's nothing too complex on "Architecture Of Chaos", and that's just fucking fine with me. Because the last three tracks, 'Systematic Fear', 'Biotech Warfare' and 'Tchernobyl 86' seal the deal in a tumultuous rage of destruction and blood-curdling fury.

Let's hope SATANIC: a) Don't change their name back to SATANIC GLUE SNIFFERS and b) Continue to burst our eardrums with their classic death metal sound for years to come.

-David Simonton

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