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Stereo Assassin's Satanic Breaks - Album Review!

Brooklyn's Kevin Caputo has created a project of industrial and drum and bass music to shake the soul on the dance floor and cause you to bang your head at the same. The chaotic, pulsing, pounding, crushing beats don't hold back as you're held down and bludgeoned repeatedly in this aura sensation.

First track 'Funeral For A Viking' begins innocently enough with a female choral atmosphere before knocking down the walls and breaking into a fast-paced drumbeat and ferocious vocals, mixed with the occasional axe-blade guitar. '3 Minutes In Hell' opens with a voice saying "I warn you what you're about to hear is very disturbing", and he doesn't lie. The in-your-face rhythms and ear-piecing vocals repetitively toss a handful of havoc our way. If you can't move to this, you probably don't have a soul. A remix by Korn may seem like a poor choice, but damn, 'Twisted' is a jumbled mess of incoherent, sadistic madness that kicks ass on so many levels. No idea what the fucking vocals are saying, but I really don't give a damn. This simply makes my ears blissfully bleed. Fourth track 'American Carnage' starts with warning sirens before trampling us with marching beats and old-school industrial sounds.

STEREO ASSASSIN understands this form of music down to its core. No track on "Satanic Breaks" sounds the same. 'Human Prey' shrieks and screams, muscling its way into a blitzkrieg of enormous proportions. God, I wanna just get up and shake my bones till they evaporate, except I can't dance for shit. But if I could... 'The Leviathans' ends the package with a musical sayonara to send us on our sorry way back to hell.

"Satanic Breaks" simply doesn't let up in it's delivery. if you like your beats loud, heavy and grinding, give this a listen.

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