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Gloson "Grimen" Album Review!

Gloson started their journey into post-metal sludge doom metal in 2012 with the firm intention of destroying any small glimmer of hope left in this already dark world. From the first note from their 2017 release (Grimen), I knew I was entering another plain of doom metal. It lures you in with its dense and suffocating sound and crushes you from the inside… and you ask for more.

The atmosphere of the entire album is consistent with a peculiar darkness that will eclipse the sun wherever you look. The lyrics symbiotically ties to the music with a dark view of a decaying and unsalvageable world. By the end of the album; I felt engulfed by my own shadow. Absorbed by darkness. In the moment of silence of the album where you’d think you’d have a chance to breathe, the band only give you the slightest glimmer of hope before drowning you back in the tar like structure of their heavy riffs.

This is a must for any doom metal amateur. The album is currently available on bandcamp for the price of your choosing, so be generous and give these talented musicians tribute for this fantastic piece of musical darkness.

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