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Album Review Havok's "Conformicide"

Since 2004, Denver, Colorado's HAVOK have waived the thrash flag high, waving on sonic destruction for everything in their path. Four albums in, this conglomeration of speedy riffs and high-pitched gnarls weaves its way through political rants and fist-pumping angst.

Opening track 'F.P.C.' thumps its bass-infested tentacles into a funky thrash-fest against political corruption. 'Hang'em High' also begins with a blissful bassline before barreling full-throttle into a repetition of vocals exclaiming, "The enemy is not coming from overseas." HAVOK have never minced words on previous albums, and aren't about to give in now. An acoustic guitar begins 'Dogmaniacal' until drenching us in an almost Mustaine-like spoken word leading into a breakneck arousal of pit-infused aural delivery. 'Intention To Deceive' explores the world of government distractions from what's really happening around us. 'Ingsoc' thrums and chortles with a charging rhythm and steady drumming. A thrash version of "Run Like Hell"-echoing guitars breaks into a powerful anthem to thrust your fist high, as 'Claiming Certainty' gallops forward, carrying "Comformacide" through a solid thrash metal production. 'Wake Up' is another anthem perfectly fit for a mosh party.



As with any HAVOK album, you pretty much know what you're getting, which is a good thing. You want plenty of thrashy riffage? Got it. You want songs for our generation? Yep, got it. You want music to just slam into your fellow moshers with? It's all here. HAVOK keep their old school thrash sound, yet keep moving forward. If this is the future of thrash, I welcome it with open arms.

David Simonton

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