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Allfather "Inherit The Dust" Album Review

Updated: Mar 17, 2019


Inherit The Dust

You've gotta give a band credit when they stand up for a cause. Shortly after the release of their first full-length "Bless The Earth With Fire", ALLFATHER have released a digital-only single raising issues with the continuous bombing of the Middle East, with worse consequences than imagined.

Vocalist Tom says it best: “War in the Middle East has continued to drive instability and created an exodus of refugees from these countries. Refugees that Europe and the West seem less and less willing to offer asylum and safety. We’ve created a world where in some places children fear clear, sunny days as they know these are the best days for drone strikes to be carried out. Our governments claim we want peace yet offer only obliteration".

Allfather are donating all proceeds from sales of Inherit the Dust to humanitarian charity Help Refugees. Help Refugees assist displaced people throughout Europe and the Middle East, providing food, shelter,and safety for thousands of refugees. For more information see / .

Hailing from Kent in the United Kingdom, ALLFATHER create a sludgefest of grimy metal to churn our blood into paste. Their single 'Inherit the Dust' doesn't disappoint. It opens with a distant atmospheric tone which becomes a chugging, fuel-driven, lurching beast of a song. A little HIGH ON FIRE slips its way in while still maintaining a sound of their own. About three minutes in, the song shifts gears a little with staggering guitars before launching into a furious solo meant to burn our ear canals and then almost abruptly ending. 'Inherit The Dust' may be the only track offered, but it's a good one.

You may support their cause by purchasing it via Bandcamp at .

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