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KORGONTHURUS  "Vuohen Siunaus" Album Review

KORGONTHURUS - Vuohen Siunaus

Since 2000, other than a few EP's and splits, Helsinki, Finland's KORGONTHURUS have only released two studio albums counting the new one. Vocals by ex-HORNA member Corvus, along with ex-Horna member Saturnus on guitar, Incisura on guitar, Kryth on drums and Necron on bass comprise the majesty that is KORGONTHURUS. If you're a fan of Horna, Behexen or Sargeist, then you'll rejoice at the release of second album

"Vuohen Siunaus". Although first album "Marras" only consisted of two lengthy tracks, the new album has seven, clocking in at just over 48 minutes. First track 'Kaoss' jumps right in with blastbeats galore, and the screeching vocals of Corvus, heralding in an album full of angst and pure Finnish black metal. 'Puhdistuksen Tulet', with it's blistering guitars and full-throttle fury will smash you in the face and melt your eardrums. A slightly slowed-down 'I.K.P.N.' gives the band a breather before galloping forward in pure black chaos with fourth track 'Vuohen Siunaus'. 'Inho' doesn't give you a chance to rise above water as it blasts, claws and rips it's way through your soul with unbridled hatred and hellfire. 'Ihmisyyden raunioilla ' doesn't disappoint as the guitars thunder, then swirl, then burst into blasphemous melodies that remind me a little of Horna/Behexen's Shatraug. Fourteen-minute 'L.U.X.' blazes it's way into the end of the album. There's really not much better Finnish black metal than this. From beginning to end, "Vuohen Siunaus" reeks of despair and blaspheme just the way I like it. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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