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Wormfood "L’Envers" Album Review

Theatrical French doom metal heroes Wormfood are back from a long hibernation and they come back with their most mature, dark and ironic work to date. “L’envers” starts with a dark intro that is mainly an elegy of the characters they’ve told the stories in previous albums. The narrator’s grave voice already prepares us for a dark ride and it delivers like never before.

What Wormfood gives us here is more than simply an album; it’s a sombre soundtrack of deeply sad and twisted stories of equally sad and demented characters. And even if you don’t speak French, the music is as strong as the words used in this deranged musical trip. Every song has its own mood that fits the one of the tale it’s cradling.

If theatricality is a part of metal that you cherish, let your ears be tempted by this grand theatrical music piece.

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