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Myrkur "Mausoleum" Album Review


Haunting. Beautiful. There are no two better words to describe the voice and music of MYRKUR. Though living in New York City currently, Denmark (where she was born) has bred a new breed of brilliance. Debut album "M" was an orgasmic blend of chillingly beautiful vocals intertwined with screeching black metal screams. The combination might seem odd at first, but it works on a level far above most in its genre. Standout track 'Skøgen Skulle Dø' reaches in and pulls you into her web. From there, you're caught...but not wanting to leave. 'Onde born' will send shivers down your spine with it's transcending, heavenly vocals. The entire studio album is mesmerizing.

And then there's her new live album "Mausoleum". Accompanied by an all female choir, there are no black metal vocals. There's actually no metal throughout the whole album. And it doesn't matter. MYRKUR's hypnotizing voice needs none of that. Both 'Skøgen Skulle Dø' and 'Onde Born' are included on "Mausoluem", along with others such as 'Frosne Vind' (from her self-titled EP) , 'Bysson Lull' and 'Dybt I Skoven'. She even covers Bathory's 'Song To Hall Up High' in a way that is pure brilliance. And if you think a live album can't be this entrancing, then take a listen. You won't even know it's live until the audience clapping at the end.

MYRKUR is quickly proving to be a huge voice in the black metal genre, whether it's actually black metal or not. Meaning 'Darkness' in Icelandic, MYRKUR is gently summoning us into her world. And I will willingly follow.


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