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Nekrotronic Movie Review!

With a title like that I was expecting an 80s inspired B-Movie with cheap props, bad acting and no artistic vision, the type of movie you put in the background and lift your eyes mostly when you hear someone scream… well I was dead wrong.

From the director of Wyrmwood, this horror comedy finds inspiration from all the classics without feeling like a copy-cat.  It delivers a somewhat ridiculous premise, but follows through it so steadily that you just accept it.

From hundreds of years ago, humans struggled with demons possessing them and eating their souls. The only ones strong enough for the job were the Nekromancers. With the age of technology, demons found ways to infiltrate humans through their phones and this is where the story starts.

We follow simple men, Howard and Rangi, and little do they know, the world’s faith will soon be in their hands. A mighty demon played by Monica Bellucci is planning to use a new app to suck the souls of millions of humans around the World. And I will end the story here, simply because everything else is a spoiler (not that the movie is that unpredictable, but it’s good enough not to ruin it).

Even if it is a simple enough horror comedy; Nekrotronic has amazing set pieces, a very well built World with clear rules, pretty good special effects (I still have a problem with CGI blood, but it’s no worse than what we’re used to seeing), strong acting and actual funny jokes.

The way the story is told is very reminiscent of the original Ghostbusters. I could actually see that cast for a new team. Some shots made me think of Sam Raimi’s style without ever crossing the line into plain copying him. But the real hero here is the tight editing. The rhythm of this movie keeps you interested and wanting more. It doesn’t overstay it welcome and knows when to quit.

As I said, I started the movie expecting something mediocre and ended up having a great time. Let it be a part of your Halloween season.

- Julien Desrosiers

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