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Exhumed "Horror" Album Review and Live Photos from Atlanta!

Matt Harvey and the boys continue to consistently write and record new music with an urgency that most bands can't keep up with.  Alternating between EXHUMED and DEATH-inspired band GRUESOME, Matt (vocals, guitar) seems to be a workaholic, along with Ross Sewage (vocals, bass) alternating between GHOUL releases. Rounded out by Sebastian Phillips of NOISEM (guitars) and drummer Mike Hamilton, this furious group of misfits who create gory anthems that whiz by you in a fucking millisecond have produced eighth album "Horror". After 2017's excellent "Death Revenge", which strayed a little from their usual sound while also being a concept album, EXHUMED have looked back at their roots and written a grinding, bloodbath of old-school songs that remind us why we absolutely love these fuckers.

Opener 'Unsound' wastes no time is bludgeoning us with a machine-gun rattle of putridity. The sonic boomerang of Matt and Ross' vocals, from growls to guttural blurches (it's very possible I just made up that word), reverberate between our shattered eardrums in classic EXHUMED style. Odes to classic, cheesy, bloody disgusting b-horror movies are the band's forte. And 'Scream Out In Fright', 'Ravenous Cadavers' and 'Slaughter Maniac' are all perfect examples.

And with a glorious live set at the Masquerade on 11/07/19 in Atlanta with TV screens depicting numerous 80's-ish era horror flicks, they never lose their goal in creating an atmosphere that enhances their already outstanding performance. And goddamn if 'Naked, Screaming and Covered In Blood' isn't one of the best song titles in the genre. I could go on track by track but would basically be repeating myself. Each and every track is a slaughterhouse that never overstays its welcome. 

If you're a fan of "Slaughtercult" and that era of the band's history, then "Horror" is for you. If you tend to lean towards the earlier of later stuff, then "Horror" is still for you. Why? Because it'd be damn near impossible not to love this album. Me personally, I want to ram my head through a block of sheetrock while being strangled by my own hair. And yes, this feeling is a good thing. Long live the mighty EXHUMED.

Review by David Simonton

Live photos by Emily Harris

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