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'Heavy Trip' Film Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Heavy Trip


In a small Finnish village, a small metal band has been practicing for 12 years without ever performing live. They decide it’s time to take their music to the next step, stop playing covers, compose their first song and play it to an audience. After a Norway metal festival promoter comes into town to buy Reindeer’s blood, the band’s drummer give him their demos in hope to get a spot in the festival. The band then embarks on a journey to play their first gig of “Symphonic-Postapocalyptic-Reindeer-Grinding-Christ-Abusing-Extreme-War-Pagan-Fennoscandian-Metal”.

A heavy metal comedy, but also a crowd pleaser Heavy Trip is a little gem from Finland cinema. Laugh out loud moments, relatable characters, and a cheesy love story that actually fits right in. This film reminds me of 90s road movies if the main audience was metalhead instead of stoner. It's not too over the top, and very aware of what metal fans are like and what is the life of a headbanger. It laughs at metal but with so much love that it might actually convert people into metalheads. And it’s a relief that the director didn’t take the safe route and go for family friendly metal for the band to play.


- Julien Desrosiers

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