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Interview with Swedish Blackened Thrash Band Nekrokraft!

1) After only one full-length album, what was the idea behind releasing the compilation "Witches Funeral"?

Well, we have had the idea that we wanted to make a physical release of the ep/demo’s and perhaps re-record them. But we agreed that we wouldn’t to re-record them since we like the sound of them. The two newly recorded tracks are from the same year but were left behind when we recorded the other songs. And since we just recorded our debut full album that will come later this year, this is but a snack before the feast to come.

2) Nekrokraft have a full sound which seems to embody pure black metal in a less-raw form. What inspired you to release a less-primal, less-raw sound?

We love the production of Bathory’s earlier album, especially “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”, but it has been done and we strive to create our own “vintage meets modern” kind of sound. The old ways meet the new, a richer sound that fits today's standards.

3) (For Angst) How do the lyrics in Nekrokraft differ from those of your other band Witchery? Is there a common theme, or do you fully separate the two?

The lyrics differ a lot even though the idea of Witchcraft, Satanism, Occultism, The Church and storytelling are present in both of the bands. Patrik Jensen (the songwriter in Witchery) writes the lyrics, as he has done since the start back in 1996.

4) Which bands have been your biggest inspiration? Which bands got you addicted to metal?

We’ve all been listening to a lot of different kinds of music but the ones that got us into metal are bands such as Dissection, Bathory, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Immortal to name a few. All of these bands are inspirations and reason why Nekrokraft sounds the way we do.

5) What does Nekrokraft represent to you?

Thrash, beer, a good time, headbanging, old school metal, the woods, challenge and a deep despise for religions. May it be Christianity, Islam or anything else of that retarded shit.

6) Do you feel most black metal bands are merely mimicking what has come before? And how has Nekrokraft developed a style that stands on its own?

Not necessarily most of them but there are a lot of bands that sounds exactly the same and becomes quite boring because they try so hard to be the new Dissection, Mayhem, Burzum or whatever. Nekrokraft’s foundation is the old school thrash/black raw sound but we are not a pure black metal band. Yes, we have the lyrics, the corpse paint and a lot of “black metal” riffs. We do, however, use a lot of more modern death and thrash riffs as well. However, we do call ourself “blackened thrash” as of now, but that could change in the future. We’ll still focus on thrash, black- and death metal though.

7) What is the earliest band or artist you became a fan of in your childhood?

Dark Funeral, Bathory, Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden.

8) Are there any bands you'd like to tour with?

Our label mates Throne Of Heresy would be nice to hit the road with. The Generations Army, a young thrash band from southern Sweden who blew us away with their talent. And of course, we wouldn’t say no to the bands we listed as our inspirations.

9) How much does the environment around you affect your songwriting, or do you totally immerse yourself in the imagination while writing?

It depends. Sometimes you’re just in the creative mood. Your imagination is just flowing and it feels as if you could create anything. Some other time you might just be pissed off at something and that can make your creative juices flow too.

10) If you could get one point across to your listeners, what would it be?

Drink beer, ride the demons in the night and thrash through the boundaries of hell! Also… take a piss on your local church.

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