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Interview with South American melodic death metal band Eshtadur! New album "Mother Gray"

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

1) Eshtadur's been around for over a decade. How do you feel the band's grown within that time? Have your priorities remained the same or evolved into something else?

Hi Emily thanks so much for this opportunity to spread our word, this is Jorg, I have been always thinking that here in South America it takes a little bit more time to grow with metal and even more with melodic death. Here, it is much easier with thrash metal, however we have achieved good things in our country, I think it is the time to start to work outside South America. Of course my priority has been always the same. I always try my best 100% of the time but I wish I could invest more time in this.

2) Who are your music influences? Who would you say originally laid the groundwork for the rise of metal in Colombia?

My influences are the great composers: Galder, Ihsahn, bands like At the Gates, Dimmu Borgir, Septicflesh.

I Have to say the band that is leading the way right now is Inquisition, they are very solid and professional. I am definitely following them they are great.

3) How important would you say the metal scene is in Colombia? Have there been any problems performing and spreading the music of death metal?

The metal scene in my country is very pleasant with the old bands, we have so much respect for those who are playing from the past and before. I think the biggest problem is that some bands are really good but if they have not been around 15 years or longer they are not gonna make it. It doesn't matter if you are the next Gojira or the next Metallica.

4) Many death metal bands shy away from using keyboards in their music. How would you say the keyboards have affected the songs you write?

That is a thin edge that would be better to handle with big boundaries as you said. It is better to be shy. I tried this time to add orchesta instead of keyboard because I love a lot of classical music. I am satisfied with the job in this album, but I wish I could have recorded all orchestra in a real theater.

5) Describe the new album "Mother Gray". Are there noticeable differences between the new album and the previous two?

The Mother Gray album is my best effort. Is is the more honest and pure thing I have ever done, with so much pain, and with millions of obstacles, that drove me into a real conscience of feeling each melody and each riff. I had more of a mature idea of what I was thinking I was wishing to be. It took me one year to put all together, Mother Gray is simply the essence of a man showing his sins and weakness into struggling to be successful.

6) What message are you attempting to get across on "Mother Gray"? Tell us a little about the recording of the album.

The Mother Gray message is the pure suffering of my hard times, how man is destroying all around, there is no more honor, all is about lies and power and envy, there is no more compasion, respect, dignity. I am tired abou that.

7) Did you always listen to metal growing up? If not, what other musical influences have affected your songwriting?

Due to being on a tropical land with latin music, it is sometimes imposible to not hear it, it is everywhere so each little thing we listen to, even unconsciously is affecting us, I appreciate a lot rock music, Aor, Hard rock, and classical music, i am influenced for movie music, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, etc.

8) Tell us about your favorite tours Eshtadur have been involved with.

I will never forget our first tour with Graveworm, one of my favourite bands I grew up listening to. We had a great time and we prove to ourselves that we are worth enough to continue.

9) Which country would you like Eshtadur to be able to tour in, and why?

I don't really have a favourite country because I want to play everywhere. That being said I would say I will love to play in Sweden, Finland, Paris and USA due to the variety of people we can gathering with.

10) How would you compare the state of extreme metal today with the early 90's?

Wow I really wish I could be doing music in the 90's with more possibilities of inventions, fresh styles and music and more opportunities of play with real honest, honor and pure musicians around, without youtube and 1000 bands playing, I guess maybe we currently don't have a big change or window to take advantage, people is listening to 1000 bands with so easy access, that reduces our possibilities, not for being accepted, just for being listened.

That is all, thanks again I appreciate this kind of spaces for us, keep helping bands out there!


You can check out one the tracks off the upcoming release here:

Mother Gray is set to be released August 8th, be sure to pick up a copy!

Eshtadur launched in the fall of 2005 with their blazing demo Timo Be Timo with a sound in the vein of At The Gates, Soilwork and Septicflesh. Since then they have released a pair of EP's and a potent duo of albums. Their rich touring history includes performances across Colombia, Peru and Mexico. They have been distributed across the world and even headlined a stage at Rock Al Parque in 2016. As they prepare to unleash their latest creation, Mother Gray upon the world the band is gearing up for their first ever US dates and many more festival appearances!

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