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5 Great Underground Bands from around the World: Prague!

Heaving Earth

Heaving Earth is dark, brooding, evil death metal with direct heavily influenced by old school death metal greats Morbid Angel (their namesake), Immolation, and Incantation. The band features a couple veterans of the Czech death metal scene and presents a very high level of musicianship.


Ahumado Granujo​

Ahumado Granujo is a brutal goregrind band in the vein of Jig-Ai and Blood Duster. The unique thing about this band is they combine ultra brutal guttural style goregrind with techno dance music elements (and they were one of the first to do it). They obviously are having fun and aren't afraid to be different.



Perfecitizen is a brutal death/ grindcore band formed from the ashes of Alienation Mental. They have a technical and jazzy style very much like Cephalic Carnage.


Poppyseed Grinder

Poppyseed Grinder is death metal in the style of Dying Fetus. Expect guttural vocals, pinch harmonics, blasting drums and grooves for days. They aren't reinventing the brutal death metal wheel, but they present what is most enjoyable in BDM while creating some enjoyable original compositions.



Epicardiectomy is one of the best known slam death metal bands from Europe, in the vein of Devourment, Cephalotripsy, and Kraanium. They infuse elements of early slam with the modern brutal death metal sound. With song titles like "Repugnant Hemicraniotomical Ingurgitation" they really show off their gory imagination.

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