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Maryland Death Fest 2017 Photos : Bands and Other Shenanigans!

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

So I attended MDF this year mostly as a surprise for a friend of mine who didn't know I was coming, but I am super happy I attended. I was reluctant to go initially due to the disappearance of Edison Lot. I still had an excellent time although I do wish there was an outdoor space for bands during the early hours because being in a dark room during the day just makes you sleepy. All in all, the hotel parties were great. Meeting old and new friends and bonding over metal is always something I will enjoy. Oranssi Pazuzu literally blew my mind with their performance and a lot of the other bands were killer as well. I am glad I got to document the event on stage and off stage as much as I did and share in these memories with people I love like family. Cheers! \mm/

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