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Atlanta's Malformity to open for Deicide May 21 : Check out our interview with them here!

1. When did Malformity form? And how did you all come up with the name of the band?

Dan: 2009 as Lectures On The Apocalypse, 2013/2014 changed the name to Malformity after Eric joined, using our old band’s name.

Craig: It seemed better than "Follicaust", which we considered after looking at each other's hair.

Glenn: ...

Eric: Dan and I played together in high school & college as Malformity. Later Dan, Craig and Billy started a band and tentatively called it Blood Grinder I think. Then just before Glenn joined I believe they changed it to Lectures of the Apocalypse. Then I joined and we picked Malformity again. This is all heresay.

2. How do you think your sound/band differs from other death metal bands in the Atlanta metal scene?

Dan: We’re working on that old and tired sound

Glenn: ...

Eric: We're probably sloppier than everyone else. We’re older and have careers and families and not much free time. We don't get tail like the other band guys do.

3. You've been playing in the Atlanta scene for some time. What changes have you witnessed as far as the strength of the scene here goes?

Dan: Goes through cycles of lots of activity to little and back again. Styles come and go.

Craig: The scene got stronger and more active with Amos and A Rippin' Production taking over.

Glenn: ...

Eric: We outlast many of the other extreme metal bands in Atlanta, it’s almost like we're kill them off (except SadRit and DoK...they're slippery bastards).

4. Is there anything you think that could be improved in the local Atlanta scene? Is there anything that makes our scene different from other cities?

Dan: It’s pretty good here. Lots of little separate little scenes based on different styles with little intermingling but that’s probably the case in most places with enough people.

Craig: No clue

Glenn: No comment

Eric: Sadistic Ritual and Death of Kings needs to stop moving so quickly and dodging our mad ninja attacks, there can be only one! There are bigger bands that have been signed (Withered, Cloak), so maybe that will point some attention on the rest of us, likely not.

5. Does Malformity have any big plans for the future coming up? New album or tour dates perhaps?

Dan: The split with Cemetery Filth for Boris

Glenn: ...

Eric: We're currently recording a couple songs for splits at Orange Peel, one is confirmed with Cemetery Filth on Boris Records. Looking forward to relaxing a bit this summer.

6. If you had to choose between the ability to play music or listen to music which would you choose if you had to lose one?

Dan: Go to Deicide

Craig: I would definitely choose to lose playing it. I'm a fan before I'm a musician (if you can even call me that).

Glenn: ...

Eric: Craig, we’re not musicians, we play death metal. So like go deaf or lose our fingers? Hard to whip it out with no fingers, so I'd go with deaf. Then I’d write some really simple things like Ludwig Van’s 9th, people would probably think I’m stupid and it’s terrible, but then think I'm brilliant years after my death.

Malformity is opening for Deicide on May 21 at The Earl in East Atlanta, be sure to come out early and check them out!

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