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Atlanta's Paladin is ready to shred your face off!

Atlanta, Georgia has blessed us with many metal bands from all sub-genres. However, Paladin kicks it old school with power metal that brings back the glory days of what pulled us into metal to start with. Featuring guitars by Taylor Washington and Alex Para, this two-pronged attack is reminiscent of a little Iron Maiden, a little thrashy Skeletonwitch and a sound all their own, blending into one very satisfying delivery.

The two tracks on "Demo 2017" wet our appetite for more, as they're just enough to get our motors running. You can almost hear Bruce Dickinson belting out vocals on 'Call of the Night' before Chance Garnette-influenced screeching wails itself throughout our eardrums. The breakdown midway through will prevent anyone from being able to NOT bang their heads furiously.

Excellent guitar-work and precise drumming sets this band above your average metal releases. and the anthemic chorus will have metalheads singing along at every show. Second track 'Bury the Light' will take you back to the glory days of the 80's before charging into a blistering array of fast-paced guitars, raging vocals and drums that hold their own in this ever-changing song.

It'll be hard not to love this band. Just listen to the brilliant guitars alone. Vocally, rhythmically, sonically, PALADIN delivers. "Demo 2017" will leave you wanting much much more.

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