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Witchmaster/Voidhanger Split - Album Review!

Razing The Shrines of Optimism

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Since their first demo in 1997, Poland's WITCHMASTER have possessed us with their blackened thrash blasphemy. Splits are sometimes questionable in their deliverance as some are basically unused tracks from previous recording sessions. Not so with "Razing The Shrines Of Optimism". There's not a bad track in the bunch. There are live tracks rounding out WITCHMASTER's side. However, the two studio tracks are well worth the listen. The thrashing chaos of 'Permafrost' is a raging miasma of pure adrenalin. And then there's 'Tanz Debil'. The only way to describe this track is the feeling of, at the end of an alcohol-fueled night, getting head from a collagen-lipped drag-queen. It may not be what you expected at the beginning of the night. But if you sit back, relax and close your eyes, it may be surprisingly satisfying.

Voidhanger continues the blood-draining. The chugging rhythms of 'Burnout Hearts Exhibition' open their side of the split with a blasting conveyance of sheer angst-ridden fury. The driving force of all involved, guitars, drums and vocals, pound their way into the pits of hell with a vengeance. Warcrimer (vocals) and Zyklon (guitars) make up two-fifths of INFERNAL WAR, who if you know anything about, deliver hellacious blasphemy like no others. One thing you can count on with these guys, regardless of the band, but in this case VOIDHANGER, is that they never ever let up. There's no slowing down, no taking a breather. 'Dyskretny Urok Upadku' will fucking run you over. And final track 'Through The Holocaust Of Optimism' will punch you in the throat and kick you when you're down. So get you ass up and take the whupping. Sometimes the adrenalin rush of a good pounding will do you good.

This split is pure fist-pumping metal from start to finish. Do yourself a favor and snatch this up. The album is due to be released on Jan 20th, 2017.

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