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5 Great Underground Metal Bands from Around the World: Portugal!

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Cryptor Morbious Family

Cryptor Morbious Family is a Portuguese industrial-metal band from Grândola, Portugal. PRE-CMF (2002-2004): The first songs and ideas around CMF began in 2002. After two years spent on a garage composing, the project was putted on hold. In November 2006, CMF released their debut album “All of us got a killer inside”. CMF gained a good fan base due to their powerful shows, and the single “Painful Rebirth” gained some airplay. The debut album had a 28 date tour. In 2009 CMF was a known name on the underground Portuguese metal scene, and their 2nd album “Hypnotic way to hurt” was received well. The album had three versions; the self-released version in 2009, and the 2010´s American version by “Beneath the fog productions” and European version by “Ziekte Records”. Two singles were spawned; “Straight To The Doom” and Collective Syndrome”. The tour had 35 dates. After a year off, the band reunited again and began working on their 3rd album. (The Pit Of Infamy) After several delays the album is finally recorded, and will be released in January 2017.

Former members: Márcio Manuel (bass 2005-2009) Duarte Faria (live guitarist 2006-2007) João Pika (bassist 2009-2010) Vitor Fava (live bassist 2010-2012) João Português (live guitarist 2010-2011)

Official discography: All of us got a killer inside (album November 2006) Painful Rebirth (single December 2007) Straight To The Doom (single May 2009) Hypnotic Way To Hurt (album June 2009) Collective Syndrome (single march 2010) Saint eyes hide revenge (ep april 2013) 10 Years of Blurred Images (dvd April 2015) Desolation (single March 2016) The Pit Of Infamy (album january 2017)

New Mecanica

From the beginning of Barreiro - Portugal, the NEW MECANICA appeared in the summer of 1997, under the name of Drift Away, composed some themes with influences of traditional Heavy Metal with a small Gothic side. In 2000 the band retouched their sonority leaving a range of songs behind and changed the name to Reset. In January / February of 2001 the band enters in studio and records its first demo-cd, the demo consists of three themes: "S.Y.T." , "Breaking the Law" and "The Search", After a few concerts, the band recorded the second demo-cd in November 2003, titled "Freedom" with five new songs. "Freedom" shows a Reset with a more direct and aggressive sound. In 2006/2007 the band enters in studio and they record their first disc. "Love and Hate", this work can be described as intense, energetic, muscled, with eared melodies and surrounded by emotional lyrics. In 2008 the band changed its name to NEW MECANICA and recorded the video for the song "LONELY", In 2015, they return to the stage, ready to show their music from north to south, with a new work called "NO STRAIGHT LANE". Members Dinho - vocals | André - Guitar | Pepe - Guitar | PH - Bass | Bunny - Drums


Coming from the Sintra area, the Scarmind singles out a melodic Hard Rock with heavy riffs and vocal harmonies from various influences from Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal like Alter Bridge, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Guns N 'Roses, 5 Fingers Death Punch, and others. The band currently consists of guitarists and vocalists Márcio Belezas and Quim Ventura, bassist Vasco Alves and drummer Luís Paulino. With very defined goals, the Scarmind intend to make known their music as well as the sharing of Portuguese Metal from other bands through the various stages where they are treading. "Newborn" is the Scarmind debut EP that was released on November 26 in CD and digital format and will be available through the band's official bandcamp. The EP consists of 5 strong, melodic but heavy themes where harmonies and riffs are the brand image! Scarmind's goals are not only to publicize their own work but also to give other Portuguese bands the opportunity to show their work and create more unity and mutual aid between them!

Inner Blast

The story of the Inner Blast begins in Lisbon in 2006, when guitarist Aquiles Dias and keyboardist Monica Rodrigues join with the desire to develop a musical project, initially inspired by the riffs and weight of NWOBHM and, simultaneously, in the melodies, As in the darkest environment of Gothic rock. The first months of gestation of the project were occupied with the composition of themes and with the first experiences in the rest of the formation of the band. In mid-2007, at a time when the Inner Blast had been rehearsing with no one on bass, bassist Luis Pote, who also rehearsed at Kazoo Studios in a cover band, regularly rehearsed with the Inner Blast after auditions for the place. The year 2008 was thus a work in the deepening of the compositions and arrangement of the themes, having recorded a model (initially only instrumental, not edited) during the first half of the year. The main difficulty of the Banda remained in finding the right voice to what the now four elements of the Inner Blast wanted for the project. The search ends at the end of this year with auditions to the then unknown, Liliana Silva. Lili's entry as lead singer and front-woman slowly revolutionized the sound of the Inner Blast.

In the creation of melodies, which were not often decisive in the sense that led the compositions, he explored the use of different vocal registers, from guttural to lyrical; Sometimes on the same theme. Once again the fruit of a good musical and personal understanding, now among the five, the band's constitution no longer undergoes changes and has since taken the formation that lasts until today. 2009 and 2010 were the years of consolidation of a working group, whose members, with musical influences and distinct personal tastes, sharpened their participation in the composition of the themes for the project. Always with the involvement of all, composite themes were gaining form and substance, expanding the influence in the sound of the Band to elements that pass through the symphonic metal or melodic death.

2011 was the year of "leaving the rehearsal room" and the band was able to record an EP that came out in the fall of 2011 under the name "Sleepless Monster" and included four Inner Blast songs. In 2013, with an album recording as their main objective, Inner Blast rehearses regularly, composing and experimenting with new, more consistent themes, or rearranging old themes to give them more complexity. The following year, the first contacts with the producer Paulo Basílio were established, with the beginning of the recordings for January 2015 in the TDA Studios. The album's production work lasts until autumn and, as early as 2016, Inner Blast signs with Nordavind Records the publishing and distribution contract for "Prophecy", the band's first full-lengh, which embodies the work done In the period of greater maturity of its course.

Demon Dagger

One of the most intense Portuguese Metal acts already with 2 recorded albums and a huge legion of true fanatic followers. DEMON DAGGER spits very powerful and infectious grooves. Everything started in 1995 when brothers Vítor Carvalho (guitars) and Miguel Carvalho (drums), together with Pedro Mendes (vocals) and José Silva (bass), decided to startup a band inspired in the metal genre. The band was called DEMON DAGGER. They recorded in 1996, with homonymous title, their first demo tape. This demo integrating three songs “opened the doors” to the band, allowing a strong national promotion, on one hand, with live concerts and on another hand, participating in the compilations “Rock'in Bracara” and “Guardians of metal Vol. IV”. In 1998, they've recorded their second demo tape entitled “Frenzy Wraith”. This demo integrating four pure speed/trash metal songs defined the band ascension. As a result, the band was invited by a theatre company to compose the soundtrack of ”The bald singer” from Eugene Ionescu, received the year's best demo tape award from the magazine “Promúsica” and was invited by the Recital Records label to sign a record contract.

In 1999, June 9th, Recital Records released the single “Soulf of Steel”, which anticipated the release of their first full album named “Aftershock” in November 1999. With this record they were considered the year's revelation band by the journal “Inside”. After the album release the band acted, until the end of 2000, in several promotional live concerts, sharing stages with bands like “Overkill”, “Annihalator" and “Stratovarius”, among others. In 2001, the band recorded the “Tarântula's” cover “Big Liar”, integrated in the tribute compilation to celebrate their 20 years, as well as their second full album entitled “Inanna Ishtar”, released in 2002. Afterwards, they have participated, with a new song (“Away”), in the third chapter of the compilation "À Sombra de Deus" (2004), as well as in the “Mão Morta” tribute compilation “E Se Depois…” (2007) with the cover “Anarquista Duval”. In August 2008, they went to the “Kohlekeller Studios” (Germany) to record, mix and master, with the known producer Khristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner (Crematory, Under Siege, Sieges Even, Agathodaimon, among others), their third full album, entitled “Cain Complex”, released in April 2009 by Recital Records in Portugal.

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