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Emily's Top 10 Metal Albums of 2016!

Ok I guess I will jump on the bandwagon (no pun intended) and write my list of the top 10 Metal album releases of 2016! Of course I might be slightly biased as some of these bands are my friends, but musically these albums stand on their own and don't need any help from this little lady of metal. I think we are all slightly biased anyways, because opinion, interests, and sonic attraction varies for everyone. It was hard to stick to only 10 albums, but here goes!

10. Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience

If you want brutal as fuck death metal, look no further! If you want to have your heart rate to pump aggressively from speedy drums and ears pulsate from ripping guitars, than this is the album for you. The mix on this album sounds very clean and gives you a chance to hear every part of the songs. Not to mention once you realize that the cookie monster growls come from a bad ass female, your head might explode! They put on a great live show too, not to be missed!

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Moshing *Destroying your enemies *Pumping iron at the gym *At your next family gathering and freaking everyone out

9. Vektor - Terminal Redux

This album definitely does not disappoint after I fell in love with their album "Black Future". If you want vocals a la a mix of Chuck from Death and Absu, than this album is for you! Like to drive really fast and bang your head to some sick tunes? This is definitely for you.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Driving really fast *Long distance road trip *Crushing skulls *Running *Slapping that baby that won't stop crying near you

8. Exmortus - Ride Forth

What can I say? This is the perfect follow up album to "Slave to the Sword". In fact the two would pair up perfectly together. I am stoked that they continued with their classical music obsession and included "Appassionata" by Beethoven on this album. Not to mention these guys can shred like it's no ones' business. The song "Let Us Roam" is super catchy and is in true honor of a touring bands' lifestyle. This album will make you want to grab a sword, jump on a horse, and go into battle.....For The Horde !!

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Sword Wielding *Saving a damsel in distress *Into battle *Long distance road trips *Running *Pumping yourself to go to that job you hate

7. Obscura - Akróasis

Yet another progressive and inspirational album from Obscura. The album is appropriately named Akróasis' which is Greek for "hearing" or "listening". And that's all you want to do here....listen. These guys perfectly blend death metal vocals with innovative and technically polished musicianship.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Mind exploding *Running *Taking a shower *Transcending time and space *Swimming with dolphins

6. Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

A concept album about a man who leaves his family to "find himself" and battle his way along his journey. I REALLY connect to this concept, since I myself am a nomad who often leaves home alone to discover the world and myself along the way. The songs are super catchy and it's easy to find yourself getting sucked in. Also, Doro makes an appearance on one song which also rules. All in all, Amon Amarth have created a huge following and it's no wonder why.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Sing-along *Stomping on faces *Weilding a giant sword into battle *Traversing the planet solo *Destroying small villages *Pumping iron at the gym

5. Fallujah - Dreamless

I must admit the first time I listened to Fallujah, I thought, "what the hell is going on?" But then on the second listen through I got it. If you want an album with some seriously progressive guitar and drumming that is nothing but beyond perfectly executed with a mix of death metal vocals and ethereal female vocals than look no further. If you want to sit in an easy chair with a glass of your favorite libation and ponder the universe and completely get lost in a dream world, then this is the album for you.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Flying on a plane *Lost at sea *On your couch or favorite easy chair *Getting lost in thought *Walking through the wilderness

4.Rotting Christ - Rituals

This might be my favorite Rotting Christ album. If you want an album that makes you feel like you are in a dark cave performing rituals and preparing to go into battle on Greek soil, then this album is for you! This album makes me feel like I am in another era, an ancient world full of spirit of epic proportions. The historical Spartan warriors would definitely have marched to this album.

Best ways to enjoy -

*In a cave lit with only fire *During ritual sacrifice *Marching *Putting on your armor to go into battle *Sailing the ancient seas *An orgy a la the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"

3. Candiria - While They Were Sleeping

If you want "Surrealist Madness" or "Beyond Reasonable Doubt", this it not it. Yet it is the most mature album hailing from Candiria and certainly the best album they have released since "300 Percent Density". Another concept album (thought up by singer Carley) about a failed musician who rises up against a monarchy in New York City. As John mentioned to me, this album is a bit more focused when compared to their older albums which were made a bit more spastic. I am so pleased to see the valiant return of one my favorite bands! Candiria prove time and time again that you can't kill them.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Walking around NYC *On a subway *While painting/drawing/creating *While plotting that ruse you are going to pull on your best friend *Baking cookies

2. Insomnium - Winter's Gate

Holy shit! This album is mesmerizing! Another concept album where the whole album is one long journey. They really take you on a journey here, starting out quietly and building up and then leading you gently back out. Not to mention the cover art pairs perfectly with the sound of the whole album. It's hard not to imagine galloping along some snowy valley in some isolated region of Finland. With elements of black metal of the 90s and their signature sound, this album is one not to miss.

Best ways to enjoy -

*A completely isolated and dark room *On a mountain top *Flying in a plane *During meditation *On a snowy plain in Finland *While helping grandma knit sweaters

1. Gojira - Magma

If you know me, you KNOW why I picked Gojira as number 1. Much like Candiria's new album, this is the most mature album Gojira has released. While stripping away some of their more straight up death metal ways, Gojira still sprinkles their unique sound into Magma. And magnum is most certainly is. With the passing of Joe and Mario's mother during the making of it, one can really feel the pain and loss in this album. Many of the tracks are undeniably catchy as hell and make you want to break out dancing in your kitchen. (Yes I do this all the time). You can really sense the progression the band has made in this album. All in all, it provokes so many emotions and it simply is breathtaking.

Best ways to enjoy -

*Headbanging *Crying *Dancing in your kitchen *Running *On a boat in the middle of the sea *On a rocket into outer space *Out of body experiences *On Mars *EVERYWHERE

Honorable mentions are : Withered - Grief Relic / Revocation - Great is our Sin / Opeth - Sorceress / Omnium Gatherum - Grey Heavens /

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