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From the Tunnel to Hell (Underground bands you should check out)

Dirty Granny Tales

This is not a review of a recent album; I’m simply trying to raise awareness for bands that dwell deep into the underground and that deserve some lights. And trust me; Dirty Granny Tales deserve all the light that can shine on them simply for their uniqueness.

Many key words can describe this band but none of them really gives them justice. Acoustic Theatrical Black Metal with a falsetto singer would be a start, but it’s so much more than this. Mouldbreath (the singer) is a man of a thousand voices and he uses the particular talent to express different characters through their stories. His voice is cradled with instruments such as sitar, glockenspiel, piano, acoustic bass and percussions.

But I can’t speak of this band just for their music, this is something to experience live. Giant puppets, dancers, projections and corpse paint are all a part of the show and it makes the experience complete. If you are one who is in search of something new that redefines your view of avant-garde, you are in for a treat.

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