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Wolvhammer, Tombs, Dead Register to play the Earl, Atlanta Tues. Nov 8th!

When Tombs and Wolvhammer roll into the Earl this Tuesday Atlanta black metal fans will have chance to expand their definition of what that genre mean to them. Both bands have assimilated the influence of black metal into a broader metallic soundscape of their own making. Wolvhammer takes hints of black metal and couples it with dense sludge ridden riffs. It has been two years since their last album ”Clawing at the Black Sun” This album saw the band continuing to move deeper in an oppressive bleakness that even drew upon death rock influences in it’s grim take on metal.

Doors are at 8:30 so make sure to get there by 9:00 to catch local openers Dead Register. Dead Register released their album “Fiber” last spring and play hard rock that touches upon shoe gaze and doom that is dark enough for them not to be out of place on this bill. Tickets are ten bucks in advance or twelve backs at the door, which is a steal considering the caliber of all three bands taking the stage.

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