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5 Great Underground Metal Bands from Around the World : Quebec City!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

I am starting a new blog series called "5 Great Underground Metal Bands from around the World"! These are bands you likely have not heard of before, so check back for more! First visit is Quebec City!

Ancestors Revenge

Technical death metal, can remind you of Black Dahlia Murder mixed with Necrophagist.



Death crust. Influenced by 90's crust punk like doom, Hellhammer and Toxic Holocaust. Humouristic French lyrics about debauchery, train hopping on pcp and worshiping Satan.



Old School Death metal. Everything for the fans of early Entombed and early Obituary. Same themes, but french lyrics. Coming back from the dead with a thirst for strong ale, typical of the members drinking habits.



Thrash Metal. Old school 1980's band that is still active. An important part in the history of metal in Quebec.



Good old Black metal that just got back from touring France's Ragnard rock festival.


(Thanks to D Ray for helping pick the bands!) I met D Ray at a local metal/punk bar when I was working in Quebec City and let me just say these guys really throw down. On a week night, moshing and chairs and tables went flying and the drinks were flowing strong. We discussed local bands from our home towns that each other should check out, well now we are sharing with you!

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