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Rupture - Movie Review

The director Steven Shainberg came out of a 10 years film making break to bring us Rupture: a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat… up until the half of the second act. It then becomes something very predictable that feels like all the cheesiness of a bad “Are you afraid of the Dark?” episode merged into one movie.

The main idea could have worked as much for a thriller, a sci-fi or a horror film, but it just fails and falls apart so quickly that you'll wonder if they've shot the first draft of an half-finished script. Great actors like Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare and Michael Chiklis seems to have no idea who their characters are in a movie that will be forgotten before it even goes out.

There is even one scene that will make you remember the dreaded “not the bees” moment of the awful Wicker Man remake from 2006. But you will cherish the Nicolas Cage performance after Noomi Rapace will put you through this torture scene that ends with the worst CGI I’ve seen since I don’t even know when.

I just hope that Shainberg won’t give up after this mess of a movie and will find his inspiration back. The man still brought us The Secretary and Fur; two movies I love dearly. I don’t know what went wrong here, but I hope it’s now out of the way.

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