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ALL THAT REMAINS: A Group Show Curated by Lana Crooks! Currently Showing in New Mexico!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

I caught up with Renaissance artist Lana Crooks who recently curated a macabre group art exhibition. All That Remains just opened at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the exhibit remains up for view until November and pieces are available online also here: Read below to find out more about the artists and this incredible show!


1. So you just had your opening reception for the art show "All That Remains" at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. How did it go? How was the turnout for the event?

This exhibition was pretty fantastic all way around. The artists really submitted some amazingly awesome pieces. The gallery was full all night and there was a lot of interest in the show. Its a bit different from what people on a gallery walk may be used to.

2. Which pieces would you say had the biggest response in the show?

There was a lot of interest in the whole exhibit, but I personally talked in depth about a few of the works. I described the process surrounding my own work "Infinity", which includes lots of tiny piece of fabric.

Lana Crooks "Infinity"

Pieces by embroidery artist Adipocere and sculptor Mahlimae (both from Australia) got quite a lot of attention too, many people went in for closer looks.

Adipocere "Lady Godiva"

Mahlimae "Echo II - For the ones who dream of stranger worlds..."

Matt Hall's piece "The cracks are there to let the light in" has moving parts so it was quite a conversation piece when I would demonstrate the mechanics. Jessica Joslin also had quite a few admirers, her delicately machined skeletal turtle "Flash" was very popular.

3. How did you get into curating a show such as this? And how did you pick the artists that are in the show? Did they send you work for submission, or did you hand pick artists who's work you liked already?

I had the idea in July of last year and pitched it to the gallery. Stranger Factory exhibits a great range of artistic talents so this show was the perfect fit.

The show started out as a sculpture exhibition, with a few artists already in mind. The idea of real bone vs faux bone was the starting point. As I began compiling the artist list and exploring the concept, I became aware of new artists and seeing that some people I had not even thought of initially would really bring the show to life. I wanted to see what artist with similar artistic aesthetics could do with the theme using different mediums. I did not accept submissions for this show as I originally had 70+ artists in mind, I decided to narrow the focus a bit more since all artists were contributing multiple works. If I am to revisit this theme for a sequel exhibit I would like to invite a larger group.

4. So each participant had to translate the theme "All That Remains", how did you come up with the idea for this show?

I was calling it the "Remains" exhibit when I was pitching to the gallery but then it morphed into the phrase. So, when I invited the artists I gave them the title as the theme to interpret as they saw fit. I make "bone" art myself, I really wanted to put together an exhibit that celebrated other artists that create this type of creepily beautiful work also. Since my work is out of fabric I wanted to include artists that worked in a lot of mediums, including real bone.

5. Which artist had the most interesting or innovative piece in your eyes?

All the art submitted is amazingly well done, I couldn't be happier. Some artists I had never seen work from in person so being the one to hang the exhibition was an added bonus for me. Jeremy Bastian's work is so incredibly detailed that I was looking at the work for quite a while. I was even too slow to pick up a piece from him.

Jeremy Bastian "Lost at Sea"

Virginie Ropars has a pair of gorgeous detailed sculptures on view as well... I really enjoy being able to find new things in the pieces. I also have a really hard time picking favorites.

Virginie Ropars "All that will remain II - The Bride"

6. Any plans to curate another show in the upcoming future?

I am always up to something... but would actually really love to do the sequel to this exhibit. I have already chatted with Stranger Factory but we haven't set anything up yet. I do curate shows often for galleries like Clutter Gallery in NY but right now there isn't anything set in stone. I am currently working to finish up my own exhibition creeping up quickly, Night Fall (a two person exhibit with Andrew Bell) opening Dec 9th at Rotofugi in Chicago.

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