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Bad Blood - Movie Review

Bad Blood took me by surprise. I always say that with the affordable material these days, it’s almost impossible to make a B-movie like they did in the 80s. Most of the B-movies today are intentional and don’t have the charm of the VHS classics. But this movie actually achieves to make an entertaining B-movie by being aware of their budget and making the best of it. The actors are all equally ok (which is actually perfect for the tone), the gore is fun and the story is just the right amount of over the top.

The creature is gorgeous; even more so knowing that the special effects makeup department was constituted of only two people who are self-taught and they managed to make a full body suit in only eight weeks. This is a truly impressive feat. And the setting in which the creature is put take a creative and fun twist on the lycanthrope genre.

For all B-movies fans of the 80s, this is a valentine for you.

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