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I am not a Serial Killer - Movie Review

“I am not a Serial Killer” is a revelation. The atmosphere is as the village where it takes place: cold. And this chilly mood helps transcend the story into the characters that are beautifully molded by the director (Bill O’Brien) and the actors.

Speaking of the actors; Max Records brings a new dimension to what we’re used to see in the typical “teenage sociopath” character. He really takes "John Wayne Cleaver" as a part of himself. And John is as charming as he is in internal distress; which makes every scene he is in a delight. There is one scene in particular that I really loved because some people saw it as horrifying when others (as myself) thought it was hilarious. This duality is frankly refreshing. And Christopher Lloyd takes this duality to an even higher level. Let’s start by saying that Lloyd is a legend that can play anything and everything and that even today he still manage to surpass himself. His character goes from vulnerable to menacing, sometimes in the same scene with such vivacity that we forget his age. I have yet to read the book on which it was based, but I can guess that this is one of the times that the adaption might surpass the source material.

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