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Interview with Magician Aiden Sinclair

It was time again for 80,000 freaks and geeks to crank up the party that is Dragon-Con. The biggest fan run convention in the states Dragon-con is known for bringing a diverse mix of performer together for an unforgettable weekend. A man who has become one of my favorite performers of the weekend is Aiden Sinclair. He goes beyond being a stage magician and captures a brand of magic more in common with Edward Norton’s character in “the Illusionist” blending story with spectacle. I caught up with Aiden to discuss his show.

While many people might know you from your appearance on America’s Got Talent, you don’t just base your performances off card tricks, in fact you became at one of my favorite events at Dragon-Con, due to the immersive atmosphere you create that makes me feel like I am being transported back in time. What lead you to this style of performance versus the more traditional magic show?

Aiden - I started specializing in the more stories driven Para-normal presentation after being approached by a domestic violence safe house in Wyoming. They were doing a fundraiser and asked if I would perform some traditional magic. At first, I said yes, but after considering the gig I realized that magic takes people away from reality and I felt that was contrary to the shelters goal of raising awareness. So instead I offered to write a show specifically for them with the intention of creating a piece of theatre that would focus on the issue of domestic violence while still being an entertaining presentation. I created a show called From A Padded Room that was about an asylum in England called Colney Hatch. Most of the women there were committed by there husbands as a way of getting around divorce. The show was extremely emotional and though it was a presentation of magic, it hit emotional tones beyond surprise. I presented this show my first year at DragonCon and thought it would flop due to all the things that are going on at the con. I thought no one would want to sit through a dark show presented by an unknown magician. The show was instead was met with standing room only attendance. Once I saw that I could use my craft to give people these emotional experiences I knew that's what type of magic I wanted to pursue.

In many ways you are a storyteller as much as you are a magician, what draws you to the stories you tell?

Aiden- Mostly I'm drawn to the people behind the stories. The ghosts that walked before us so to speak. If I find a moment in history interesting and feel that others might also be drawn to it then I'm compelled to tell the tale.

You incorporate authentic artifacts from the time periods you delve into which is your favorite and have you experienced any paranormal activity in relation to having these items in your possession while on the road or at home?

Aiden- My favorite artifact is the hotel in which I regularly perform, the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. The hotel has such a rich history and so many people of note have stayed there that the very property has a presence. I'm very excited to be able to bring a piece of that hotel to DragonCon with me. As for paranormal activity, I can honestly say that I have witnessed more unexplainable things within the walls of that hotel than any place on earth.

What is your favorite thing about performing at Dragon-con?

Aiden- My favorite thing about performing at DragonCon is the audience. There is something very special about the people who attend. They are among the most gracious and kind people you could ever hope to meet and it is an honor to be invited back. I can't wait to see all the stunning costumes and to once again see everyone . The best thing about the con is that it brings new and amazing people into your life and it is truly incredible how many of those people become true and dear friends.

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