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Bed of the Dead - Movie Review

I had no idea what I was getting into when I entered the room to see “Bed of the Dead”… well except that it was going to involve a killing bed. Well there is a killing bed alright, but that’s about how far it goes. Biblical justice, cliché characters, inexplicable time-traveling phone calls, biased set of morals; this is just a few of the points that made the suspension of disbelief impossible for me in this well-shot, but not well-thought out film. I just can’t get behind religious set of morals in a horror film. It used to make sense in the 70-80s for a killer like Jason to kill a girl that just ate a banana because it’s phallic, but today, it just feels out of its time.

As for the performances, the actors are not bad but they tend to be a bit uneven. And I normally don’t comment on that, but the soundtrack was actually very good. When I saw myself getting less and less interested by the movie, I could at least enjoy the music that had an eerie mood straight from an A-list horror film. So all in all, I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to see something new. But if you want to see what a movie with no budget looks like when they use the maximum of their resources, it’s an interesting experience.


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