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Interview with Candiria about new album "While They Were Sleeping"! (And a little bit of nostaglia)

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

It's been many moons since Candiria released an album of new material, and I must say the new album "While They Were Sleeping" is my favorite thing they have put out since 300 Percent Density. It's unlike any of their other albums in a way that is much more mature but also doesn't lose those little touches that let you know it's Candiria. I could go on and on here about why this new album has gotten so many wonderful reviews so far but those words have already been said.

Instead I want to explain why Candiria will ALWAYS be in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. When I first went off to college as a doe-eyed inexperienced sponge I started attending hardcore shows in RVA because it was huge there in 1998, and I had never seen or heard much hardcore before, although I was already a huge fan of punk and metal. This is when I met Candiria, at 18 years old. And the reason I have always remained a fan of these guys is not because John LaMacchia was my gateway drug into having crushes on musicians (not embarrassed to admit that at all) but because these guys consistently experiment with different genres of music: hardcore, jazz, hip-hop, metal, etc. and constantly push the envelope of what music is supposed to be. The outcome? Something that is always unique and at the same time makes me want to jump around like a crazy maniac with my whitey-tighties showing (yes I am talking about you Carley). Not only that but they are all outstanding musicians and also have always been gentlemen to me after all these 18 years of me driving all over the East Coast to see and sometimes photograph their shows or hangout.

Never did I ever think that, here, 18 years later, I would still remain in contact and good friends with this band. Nor did I ever dream that I would be walking around a deserted Coney Island with John, now one of my oldest friends in metal, and doing an interview with him. Check out our interview below and learn a little more about this amazing and humble musician and artist! They are doing a short run tour right now so catch them out if you can! 718 718!

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